MASTERPULS® »ultra« line

The next radial shock wave generation

Facts and figures

The appeal of the new MASTERPULS® »ultra« radial shock wave device lies in its inspiring design, the »Active-tip-control« handpiece display and, the exclusive »ICE Shock Wave Portal« for expanding knowledge.

With more than 15,000 devices produced, the MASTERPULS® line is probably the top-selling radial shock wave system of its class in the world. Compact dimensions, high reliability, low service costs, the silent »Air Power« drive and the wide range of use have made the MASTERPULS® a »shock wave icon« in pain therapy.

The design


The pioneering »Single Frame Casing« of the MASTERPULS® »ultra« is impressive because of its innovative three-dimensional design. Clear lines and a front that resembles a shock wave signal power, reliability and path-breaking efficiency.

The handpiece


The main operating elements have been integrated into the »Active-tip-control« display of the handpiece and thus make working at the patient easier. The »Individual Parameter Setting« (IPS-Control) for all ESWT indications includes treatment parameters recommended by experienced users and ensures reliable pre-setting.

The »ICE Shock Wave Portal«


Access to the exclusive »ICE Shock Wave Portal« provides you with up-to-date information from all fields of shock wave therapy. All you need is an Internet connection and a corresponding display device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. Up front, the website features the pillars of the portal: Information, Communication and Education.