D-ACTOR® 200

Successful anti-cellulite therapy per acoustic wave therapy (AWT®).


AWT - Acoustic Wave Therapy

AWT® - Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic Wave Therapy (»AWT®«) performed with the radial D-ACTOR® 200 applicator uses high-energy acoustic waves that are introduced into the patient‘s body in the form of high-frequency oscillations. »AWT®« is the first effective and long-lasting treatment modality for cellulite stage I to III.

Acoustic waves have been used in medicine with great success since 1980 for the disintegration of kidney stones (ESWL) and since 1992 for the treatment of orthopaedic conditions such as tendon and muscle disorders (ESWT).

Effects on the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue

Before »AWT®«: Enlarged fat cells bulge upwards towards the skin surface, giving the skin the typical orange peel appearance. The inelastic vertical connective tissue fibres do not stretch along with the surrounding adipose tissue, which leads to the undesirable dimpling. Local blood circulation is significantly reduced

During »AWT®«: Oscillating acoustic waves are introduced into the body. The connective tissue relaxes, and the firmness of the epidermis in­creases. Blood circulation in the tissue is significantly enhanced. Collagen production is stimulated, strengthening the dermis and epidermis.

After »AWT®«: The results of »AWT™« are improved firmness and restored natural elasticity of the skin and connective tissue along with a visible and long-lasting improvement in skin texture.

Range of application

Range of application

Medical and cosmetic practitioners use the radial »AWT®« applicator primarily for the following applications:

  • anti-cellulite therapy (stage I – III)
  • elimination of lymphatic congestion
  • muscle and connective tissue tightening
  • circumference reduction/»slimming«

»AWT®« treatment areas:

  • upper arm
  • stomach
  • gluteal region
  • thighs